USK rates Gem Smashers and Hunting Simulator for Switch

Gem Smashers and Hunting Simulator USK Ratings

The German rating site USK has rated two new titles for Switch; Gem Smashers (Rated 0) by Markt + Technik Verlag GmbH, as well as Hunting Simulator (Rated 16) by Bigben Interactive.


Gem Smashers for Wii, published by Red Wagon Games

Gem Smashers is likely a port of the 2011 version that was released on Wii and 3DS at retail by Red Wagon Games (a sister company of Crave Entertainment, both of which are long gone now) and developed by Frame Studios. The Wii and 3DS game was a reboot/remake of the GBA title of the same name that was originally made by Frame Studios as well. Last year Funbox Media brought the game to PS4 and Vita as well in EU and NA. These versions were ported by Raylight Studios, the same team that brought Free Running and Sniper Elite to Wii.


Hunting Simulator for PS4, published by Maximum Games

Hunting Simulator is already out on PS4,  Xbox One, and PC by Bigben Interactive and developed by Neopica. Neopica previously made numerous projects on Nintendo hardware including I Love My Dogs/Cats/Horse/Pony on 3DS, all with Bigben as well. Hunting Simulator was published in NA by Maximum Games.

No other news is available about the Switch versions. USK, among other rating sites, have been accurate with rating leaks before, so if/when both are announced, I’ll let you know!


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