Severed (3DS eShop/Wii U eShop) Review


Title: Severed
Platform: Nintendo 3DS eShop/Wii U eShop (played on both systems)
Developer: Drinkbox Studios
Publisher: Drinkbox Studios
Release Date: September 22nd, 2016 (NA and UK/EU)
Price: $13.49/$14.99 (US/CDN), £11.99/€13.99 (UK/EU), Cross-Buy (buy one version, get the other free)

Review copy provided by Drinkbox Studios

Today I’m reviewing the newest game by the creators of Guacamelee, and for those who don’t know, the Toronto developer Drinkbox Studios was formed by folks who were at Pseudo Interactive (who also were in Toronto), the creators of Cel Damage!

One thing to note is that Drinkbox seemingly did the 3DS and Wii U ports of Severed themselves, unlike with Guacamelee, which was ported to Wii U by Wii U veteran Broken Rules (creators of Chasing Aurora on Wii U and also And Yet it Moves on WiiWare). So it’s interesting to see Drinkbox develop the Nintendo versions of their game themselves this time around.

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Ace Mathician (DSiWare) Review


Title: Ace Mathician
Platform: Nintendo DSi (played on 3DS XL model)
Developer: Goodbye Galaxy Games
Publisher: Circle Ent.
Release Date: July 12th, 2012 (NA), August 2nd, 2012 (EU)
Price: 200 Points/$1.99 (DSi Shop/3DS eShop/NA)

Note that I have completed the game 100%, I collected every star and beat every stage in the game, also all screens will be of press screenshots due to no DS screen capture function

Today I’m reviewing a tiny, inexpensive DSiWare game. This is only a couple of bucks on the eShop (the DSiWare store is set to shutdown soon in the future, and you now can’t even add DSi/Nintendo Points to your DSi account anymore, so if you don’t have 200 Points, you can’t buy it). But does its cute yet intriguing exterior and cheap price hide a great game underneath? Let’s find out!

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Gurumin 3D (3DS eShop) Review


Title: Gurumin 3D
Platform: Nintendo 3DS (played on 3DS XL model)
Developer: Opus Studio/iNPLAS/Nihon Falcom
Publisher: Mastiff
Release Date: October 13, 2016 (NA),October 27th, 2016 (EU)
Price: $14.99/$19.99 (US/CAN)

Review copy provided by Mastiff

Note that all screenshots shown are pre-release screens, since the game’s Miiverse community is not yet open to take my own screenshots with

After almost 6 years into the 3DS’ lifespan, we finally see a Nihon Falcom JRPG on the system. That JRPG is Gurumin 3D, a 3DS port of a PC and PSP game from over a decade ago. Falcom however only had a supervisory role in the port, instead it was mostly built by Opus Studio and iNPLAS. Opus actually previous worked on the Steam release of the PC version of Gurumin last year, so they already have experience (they might have even did both at the same time).

Gurumin 3D is based on the PSP version. This is very apparent in the graphics of the game, but I’ll get to that in a bit. This is basically a Action JRPG and Platformer hybrid, but in terms of an RPG, it’s not exactly what you’d think it is. Before I begin, I want to clarify that I’ve already clocked in over 4 hours of playtime into the game and have beaten five or so dungeons and beaten at least one boss so far.

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