Ms. Splosion Man (Switch eShop) Review


Title: Ms. Splosion Man
Platform: Nintendo Switch eShop
Developer: Twisted Pixel Games
Publisher: Twisted Pixel Games
Release Date: November 22nd, 2018 (NA)

Review copy provided by Twisted Pixel Games

This is a shocker. What we have here is the first ever non-Microsoft console game by the formerly Microsoft-owned developer Twisted Pixel Games. Microsoft bought them back in 2011 but spun them off in 2015. Every one of their projects before and after they were owned by Microsoft were (console-wise) only on Microsoft consoles (exceptions being PC and mobile devices, which Microsoft release games on anyway).

Ms Splosion Man was Twisted Pixel Games’ fourth title (released back in 2011 on Xbox 360) and is the sequel to the original Splosion Man released back in 2009. For the Switch version, Twisted Pixel Games made a number of enhancements. Most notable is the framerate being doubled from 30fps to 60fps, and it’s apparently higher resolution to boot (though I don’t know the exact numbers). HD Rumble is also supported, AND single-Joy-Con play is as well! So how is this game anyway? Read on and find out!

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