Nintendo Switch Lifetime Japanese Sales Data Compilation (Media Create)

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Update: (October 9th, 2018 4:18M EST) Week 34-39’s Media Create Top 50, Famitsu Top 30, and Dengeki’s Top 50 are FINALLY up!

I also decided to finally split the three trackers into their own articles due to the sheer size of the article now. This will be repurposed as the Media Create article and the central hub with all updates. Find the trackers linked to below!

Links to each tracker:

Media Create/Famitsu/Dengeki

This will be the complete database of all up-to-date Nintendo Switch sales data in Japan. I will update this post multiple times a week as new data comes in! I will include data from all three trackers; Media Create, Famitsu, AND Dengeki!

Each entry will now show their most recent week. This helps know how old the numbers are, and helps me do the math when any shows up weeks later to determine their amount of weeks absent.

Note: Famitsu throughout 2017 would have their week show as one later (example; Media Create would be Week 9, 2017, where as Famitsu would be Week 10, 2017). Also, Famitsu had a Week 53 in the same week that Media Create had its Week 52, after that, both started at Week 1, 2018, matching each other.

All the data will be after the jump.

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Poison Control (Switch) Review

Title: Poison Control
Platform: Nintendo Switch
Developer: Nippon Ichi Software
Publisher: Nippon Ichi Software America
Release Date: April 13th, 2021 (NA)
File Size: 2GB

Review copy provided by NIS America

Poison Control is the newest new 3D IP from NIS, and seemingly by the same folks that brought us The Princess Guide (review) and Penny-Punching Princess (review). Indeed, while those to games were these 2D overhead beat-em-up style games, this game goes full 3D with freely explorable areas, and it’s a 3rd person shooter!? Yeah, that’s quite a change in direction! So how does this game fare? Let’s find out!

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Neo Geo Pocket Color Selection Vol. 1 (Switch eShop) Review

Title: Neo Geo Pocket Color Selection Vol. 1
Platform: Nintendo Switch eShop
Developer: Code Mystics
Publisher: SNK
Release Date: March 17th, 2021 (NA)
File Size: 911MB

Review copy provided by SNK

Here’s something pretty nifty and special; SNK and Code Mystics have not only bundled all six of the current Neo Geo Pocket Color games already out on Switch into one package… but have added FOUR more games on top of that! I actually reviewed three of the first six already; The Last Blade: Beyond the Destiny, Fatal Fury First Contact, and SNK vs. Capcom: The Match of the Millennium. How are the new games added, as well as the package as a whole? Is this a good package of pocket fun, or does it leave you feeling like you’ve misplaced that damn cartridge behind the sofa and forgot about it? Let’s find out!

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Crash Bandicoot 4: It’s About Time (Switch) Review

Title: Crash Bandicoot 4: It’s About Time
Platform: Nintendo Switch
Developer: Toys For Bob
Publisher: Activision
Release Date: March 12th, 2021 (NA)
File Size: 9.4GB

Review copy provided by Activision

So after the VERY successful revival with the Crash Bandicoot N. Sane Trilogy (review) after a near decade of slumber, Activision finally greenlit a brand-new game, which by the time it came out last year was right around 12 years after the last original Crash console game, being Crash Bandicoot: Mind Over Mutant on Wii and other platforms back in 2008. It’s About Time indeed. So in a bizarre twist, despite the aforementioned N. Sane Trilogy being made by Crash veteran Vicarious Visions, this game would instead be by Spyro Reignited Trilogy (review) dev Toys For Bob (they actually did the Switch version of N. Sane Trilogy funny enough), who’ve decided to base the game entirely on the original trilogy, even going as far as having the story take place right where Crash Bandicoot: Warped left off. So how does this game fare? Is it a crate experience or did it warp itself into the dumpster? Let’s find out!.

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WRC 9 (Switch) Review

Title: WRC 9
Platform: Nintendo Switch
Developer: Kylotonn
Publisher: Nacon (formerly Bigben Interactive)
Release Date: March 11th, 2021 (NA)
File Size: 14.5GB

Review copy provided by Nacon

We’re back again in the world of the WRC! Last year I reviewed WRC 8 on Switch and found it to be… okay. It wasn’t rated well by various sites on Switch and it kind of showed why. So now I decided to come back for round 2, and to top it off, I’m reviewing this before any footage of the game has even surfaced on YouTube. That means I was going in without even knowing how the graphics looked on Switch this time, which is kind of exciting honestly. So how is it this time? Let’s rally on and find out!

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SNK vs. Capcom: The Match of the Millennium (Switch eShop) Review

Title: SNK vs. Capcom: The Match of the Millennium
Platform: Nintendo Switch eShop
Developer: SNK/Code Mystics (Switch version)
Publisher: SNK
Release Date: February 17th, 2021 (NA)
File Size: 164MB

Review copy provided by SNK

Yes! One of the most requested games for the Neo Geo Pocket Color Selection series on Switch has arrived! This was part of a series of crossover titles between SNK and Capcom and in the larger “Capcom vs.” series. Uniquely since this is a crossover between two game companies, both companies did their own games in the series. SNK handled the ones on Neo Geo Pocket Color and the main Neo Geo systems, while Capcom did their Capcom vs. SNK games, the sequel of which made it to GameCube. So how did this game turn out? Let’s find out!

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NIS’ The Wicked King and the Noble Prince leaked for Switch, first art and screens

Gematsu posted about the aforementioned leak so check that out, but what wasn’t posted are the screens and art, provided below:

As you can see, this is clearly a sequel/successor to the adorable The Liar Princess and the Blind Prince (which I actually reviewed on Switch). This new game will likely be revealed in Famitsu this week, and is set to release in Japan on June 24th, 2021.

Zoids Wild: Blast Unleashed (Switch) Review

Title: Zoids Wild: Blast Unleashed
Platform: Nintendo Switch
Developer: 8ing/Codeglue (localization)
Publisher: Outright Games/Takara Tomy (JP)
Release Date: October 16th, 2020 (NA)
File Size: 2.8GB

Review copy provided by Outright Games

This is quite the surprise for a number of reasons! See, back in the Wii and DS era, Takara Tomy (and its western division Tomy USA) were firing on all cylinders. Riding high on the success of the popular Naruto: Clash of Ninja and Naruto: Ninja Council games (the former by 8ing and the latter by long ago and now defunct Sonic Game Gear dev Aspect Co., Ltd.). Well once the 3DS era hit, they put out Naruto 3D: The New Era only in JP (and EU via 505 Games), but then just… took a long break. Naruto would then be all by Bandai Namco (who did the Sony titles). Takara Tomy then closed the western gaming division and just stuck to making Pretty Rhythm and PriPara arcade games with Syn Sophia (the Style Savvy/Girl’s Mode devs, with some 3DS ports on the side, and later a Switch game) for a decade under Takara Tomy ARTS (via some small merger at that time). Finally they made a comeback in 2018 with the all-new Zoids series; Zoids Wild, complete with a Switch title by Clash of Ninja dev 8ing back in the saddle (fun fact, 8ing also did Zoids: Full Metal Clash on GameCube!).

The next bit is shocking; the western release was actually by now the new common cartoon game license company Outright Games (Atlus did the last Zoids title in the west, Zoids Assault on 360, developed by SE Mobile & Online). Not to mention this retained its Switch-exclusivity, making it the only game in Outright’s catalog to be so (they always do full multiplatform releases of all their games otherwise). Also, developer Codeglue was uniquely brought in to do/assist with the localization (implementing it into the game I assume, maybe 8ing was too busy on the sequel and other projects?). So how is this game anyway? Is it a roaring success, or should it be called Zoids Tame? That was bad, sorry. Let’s find out!

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NGPX 2.0 is coming on March 4th, 2021 at 11AM EST

Liked the first New Game+ Expo last year on June 23rd, 2020? Well it’s back, and much sooner than I would’ve expected! Indeed, the second show is coming in less than a month on March 4th, 2021 at 8AM PT / 11AM ET / 5PM CET. The stream will be hosted on Twitch initially, followed by the NGPX YouTube channel after. The event will showcase upcoming titles, exciting new updates, and there will be special guest appearances as well.

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GameFly lists Plants Vs. Zombies: Battle for Neighborville – Complete Edition for Switch, out on March 19th, 2021

We may be very close to at long last seeing EA’s Frostbite engine running on Switch! This has been rumored for a while, at least since Jeff Grubb mentioned EA’s possible slate for Switch from their EA Play event until the year after. One of the games mentioned was Need for Speed: Hot Pursuit Remastered, which hadn’t been revealed at all at the time (hell it might’ve been the very first peep ever of the game!). And sure enough, it was revealed and released for Switch and other systems this past holiday season. Among that list was Plants Vs. Zombies: Battle for Neighborville, which happens to run on Forstbite (as did the two prior Plants vs. Zombies: Garden Warfare games as well).

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