Nintendo Switch Lifetime Japanese Sales Data Compilation (Media Create)

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Update: (October 9th, 2018 4:18M EST) Week 34-39’s Media Create Top 50, Famitsu Top 30, and Dengeki’s Top 50 are FINALLY up!

I also decided to finally split the three trackers into their own articles due to the sheer size of the article now. This will be repurposed as the Media Create article and the central hub with all updates. Find the trackers linked to below!

Links to each tracker:

Media Create/Famitsu/Dengeki

This will be the complete database of all up-to-date Nintendo Switch sales data in Japan. I will update this post multiple times a week as new data comes in! I will include data from all three trackers; Media Create, Famitsu, AND Dengeki!

Each entry will now show their most recent week. This helps know how old the numbers are, and helps me do the math when any shows up weeks later to determine their amount of weeks absent.

Note: Famitsu throughout 2017 would have their week show as one later (example; Media Create would be Week 9, 2017, where as Famitsu would be Week 10, 2017). Also, Famitsu had a Week 53 in the same week that Media Create had its Week 52, after that, both started at Week 1, 2018, matching each other.

All the data will be after the jump.

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Physicality Games teases Rabi-Libi for Switch

Physicality Games (which works with Mastiff) has a new newsletter that people can freely sign-up for, and among the perks of doing so will give subscribers exclusive sneak peeks at announcements. Well the first one is a gif teasing Rabi-Libi for Switch (showing the opening cutscene)… which was actually leaked by the ESRB a bit ago. Below is the teaser for the game in full from the newsletter:

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Naruto Shippuden: Ultimate Ninja Storm 4 – RtB on Switch now pre-loadable on the eShop in both NA and JP


The Switch version of CyberConnect2’s Naruto Shippuden: Ultimate Ninja Storm 4 – Road to Boruto is now up for pre-load in both North America and Japan at the very least. In Japan, the game will actually only take up 12GB of storage, while in the west it will be 13.1GB (likely due to the addition of the English dub). So it seems like the 40GB report was a mistake on Bandai Namco’s part somehow.

As a perk for pre-ordering the game, you gain the ability to obtain early the 11 new costumes announced for the game, as well as unlocking early 22 playable characters (don’t know who though), and early unlocks for Momoshiki and Kinshiki Otsutsuki who are also playable. As implied, these are 100% obtainable in the game without pre-ordering, but it’s just a perk for doing so! 🙂

The game will launch first in Japan on April 23rd, 2020, while the west will get the game on the following day on April 24th, 2020. The game will get a retail release in Japan (as the trilogy did), but there’s still no word on if the west will as well. Finally, the game in the US will cost $49.99, while in Canada it’s $64.99, compared to the trilogy costing $39.99 and $49.99 respectively. The extra cost, plus the 12/13.1GB size might imply an intention of a 16GB cart physical version in the west (though Bandai Namco does this most often in EU, leaving NA with a digital version).

Are you looking forward to the game? Did you buy any of the prior trilogy on Switch? Let me know in the comments below! 🙂

Psikyo Shooting Stars Bravo (Switch) Review


Title: Psikyo Shooting Stars Bravo
Platform: Nintendo Switch
Developer: Psikyo (original games)/Zerodiv (Switch versions)
Publisher: NISA (NA and EU)/City Connection (JP and eShop WW)
Release Date: February 18th, 2020 (NA)
File Size: 1GB

Review copy provided by NIS America

And here’s the second Psikyo collection! I just reviewed the Alpha collection last month. Both collections have their own set of six classic Psikyo games. It’s worth noting that the vast majority of the 6 games here are shmups of various styles. In fact, they ALL are except for one game and that’s Gunbarich in this collection, which is actually a Block Breaker clone. Anyway, how’s the Bravo collection? Let’s find out!

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ESRB rates Oddworld: Munch’s Oddysee HD for Switch

Earlier it was reported that retailer publisher Microids were teaming up with Oddworld Inhabitants (the creators of the Oddworld franchise) and would be bringing three Oddworld games that would be coming to Switch and would do so at retail by them. The first of which was right away revealed to be Oddworld: Stranger’s Wrath HD, releasing at retail on Switch this spring, and the game was just recently released on the eShop back on January 23rd, 2020.

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The reviews section now has a NISA-dedicated list!

It’s no secret that a big chunk of my reviews on here are by NISA. In fact, in 2018, I reviewed EVERY single game they released on Switch. So, I decided to make a list in the reviews section showing only NISA games. I actually left the main list untouched, so NISA’s games will be on that page twice, but it’s just to show the FULL list and how expansive it is.

Let me know if this makes things any easier, or if you have any suggestions, leave me a comment below! 🙂

Psikyo Shooting Stars Alpha (Switch) Review


Title: Psikyo Shooting Stars Alpha
Platform: Nintendo Switch
Developer: Psikyo (original games)/Zerodiv (Switch versions)
Publisher: NISA (NA and EU)/City Connection (JP and eShop WW)
Release Date: January 21st, 2020 (NA)
File Size: 640MB

Review copy provided by NIS America

Time for my first NISA review of 2020! This game is actually a 6-game compilation of Psikyo games previously released on the eShop by Zerodiv. The games are Strikers 1945, Strikers 1945 II, Strikers 1945 III (the only one not on the eShop), Sol Divide, Dragon Blaze, and Zero Gunner 2. All of these came out during the 90’s and early 2000’s. How does this collection fare on Switch? Read on and find out. 🙂

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WRC 8 (Switch) Review


Title: WRC 8
Platform: Nintendo Switch
Developer: Kylotonn
Publisher: Bigben Interactive
Release Date: November 19th, 2019 (NA)
File Size: 13.6GB

Review copy provided by Bigben Interactive

Here’s my first review of the new year. This is the latest in the WRC (World Rally Championship) series and the second on a Nintendo platform (at least in recent gens?), with the first being a WRC title on 3DS. The 3DS game was a… really iffy game by Firebrand Games (a dev famous for their DS racing games) that likely didn’t get the time or money it needed to be what it could’ve been. There was also a WRC-like game called V-Rally 4 on Switch early last year, also by Bigben and Kylotonn which fared alright but looking at Metacritic, it wasn’t super well rated on any system. WRC 8 on the other hand was highly rated on the other platforms… but not so on Switch. This is my first rally game so I’ll be looking at it with fresh eyes. How does it fare? Let’s find out!

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